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page generated from database: - -17 19:40:35. ABOUT RELEASES. Release 18. Release 17. Release 16. Release 15. Release 14. is site is 3GPP working area. Log in to access full features. For general information go to e public site Proposed meeting agenda for SA WG272: SA WG2 Chairman: Revised in S2-093819: S2‑093047: Draft report of SA WG2 meeting 71: SA WG2 Secretary: Approved: S2‑093048: LS from RAN WG3: LS on Transfer of SON Configuration Information inter-MME: RAN WG3 (R3-090542) Postponed to meeting 74: S2‑093049: LS from CT WG4: LS on H.248 Profiles for IP. Q2: all April meetings cancelled/converted to e-meetings. Focus will be mainly on Rel-16. Original planning (as per . plenaries): stage 2 SA groups main focus would have been on Rel-17 in Q1 and Q2. is obviously did not happen. 3GPP CT and 3GPP SA are asked to approve e following timeline/dates for Rel-17. LS on Packet switched conversational multimedia applications TS 26.235 and TS 26.236 (To: 3GPP TSG CT WG3, 3GPP TSG CT WG4, 3GPP TSG RAN WG5, 3GPP TSG RAN WG2, Specification Manager, Cc: TSG SA) TSG SA WG4: revised: Approval: SA486. Draft meeting report of TSG CT80: MCC: noted: Information: SA80: 7.8: SP-180565: report: IETF Status report: TSG CT Chairman Prioritization of SA WG2 for Q3 : TSG SA Chairman (Samsung), SA WG2 Chairman (Huawei) noted: ision: SA80: 5.2: SP-180559 1 CR to 23.401 on Subscription for Aerial UE in 3GPP system (Rel-15: LTE_Aerial. 3GPP TDocs (written contributions) at meeting Meeting: S2-127 - -04-16 to -04-20, Sanya meeting id: S2-127 (click id for more info on is meeting). TSG SA WG5 is committed to engage in charging and management aspects of supporting new services for public and non-public networks. TSG SA WG5 coordinates wi o er 3GPP WGs and all relevant Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs), industry fora and ket Representation Partners (MRPs) in e specification work pertinent to Telecom Management. Draft meeting report of TSG CT86: MCC: noted: Information: SA86: 4.8: SP-191279: report: IETF Status report: TSG CT Chairman: LS from TSG RAN ITU-R ad-hoc: LS on 3GPP 5G synopsis tods ITU-R Recommendation on IMT- Technical Specifications: TSG SA, SA WG2. SP-191258: o er: Inputs on Rel-17 prioritization: SA WG2 Chairman: noted. Draft report of TSG SA Meeting 39: TSG SA Secretary- ision: SA40: SP-080392: o er: 1 CR to 23.228: Removal of 'Adding UE capability as one of Service Point Trigger' (TEI8, Rel-8) (from IEEE P802.11) to 3GPP SA and 3GPP SA WG2 requesting recommendations: IEEE P802.11- ision: SA40: SP-080228: o er: ATIS Inter-Carrier VoIP Call. 3GPP Meeting Planning H1/2021: TSG SA Chairman: noted: Information: SA89-e: 7.1: SP-200814: discussion: e Importance of Maintaining Broadcast Services in Rel-17 NR MBS: LS from RAN WG2: Response LS to TSG SA on mandatory support of full rate user plane integrity protection for 5G: RAN WG2: noted: Action: SA89-e: 2.2. Project Management aspects will be reviewed and adjusted at each TSG meeting. Vertical Industry Integration (2) 5G Phase 2 will highlight specific vertical industry features (eMBB, URLLC, mIoT.) • Wi 3GPP TSG SA WG5 (Telecom Management), OAM, Charging, 3GPP SA WG2 ‘Architecture’ Status. 3GPP SA WG3 ‘Security’ Status. Liaison from 3GPP SA2 to IEEE 802.11 Date: 2007-11-12. Au or(s): Name Company Address Phone email Gottfried Punz 3GPP SA2 [email protected] 3GPP TSG SA WG2 Meeting 61 TD S2-075593. Ljubl a, Slovenia, 12 - 16 ember 2007. Title: Response LS on future co-operation wi IEEE 802. Response. • 3GPP makes evident progress in each meeting TSG SA Service & Systems Aspects TSG CT Core Network & Terminals RAN WG1 Radio Layer 1 spec SA WG1 Services CT WG1 MM/CC/SM (lu) RAN WG2 Radio Layer 2 spec Radio Layer 3 RRC spec SA WG2 Architecture CT WG3 Interworking wi external networks RAN WG3 lub spec, lur spec, lu spec UTRAN O&M. 3GPP and O-RAN specifications. is article provides an overview of NTT DOCOMOʼs contributions to e formulation of ese specifications.. Introduction At e 3GPP Technical Specification Group (TSG) 84 plenary meeting*1 held in e , 3GPP Release 15 specifications were lared frozen k-ing e completion of e initial 5G standard. TSG SA Service & Systems Aspects SA WG1 Services SA WG2 Architecture SA WG3 Security SA WG4 Speech, audio, video, and multimedia Co s SA WG5 Telecom Management SA WG6 Mission-Critical Applications Project Coordination Group (PCG) 144 113 121 55 403 548 446 193 439 145 11 1 247 79 63 56 60 Delegates at last Meeting (~ y ) 175 272. 3GPP is a consortium wi seven national or regional telecommunication standards organizations as pri y members (organizational partners) and a variety of o er organizations as associate members ( ket representation partners). e 3GPP organizes its work into ree different streams: Radio Access Networks, Services and Systems Aspects, and Core Network and Terminals. [SA] As part of 3GPP’s 5G efforts, 3GPP TSG SA WG2 (SA2) in Release 14 has finalized e Study on Architecture for Next Generation System documented in 3GPP TR 23.799. 3GPP TSG SA WG3 (SA3) has also finalized e Study on e Security Aspects of e Next Generation System documented in 3GPP . 3GPP TSG-SA WG2 Meeting 99 S2-133823. Xiamen, China, 23 - 27 . Title: LS reply on Interpretations of assumptions in chapter 16 of 3GPP TS 23.402 V11.6.0 (-03) on e behaviour of a Trusted WLAN Access Network. TSG SA. e Service and System Aspects Working Group is known as TSG SA. TSG SA is responsible for e overall architecture and service capabilities of systems based on 3GPP specifications and, as such, has a responsibility for cross TSG co-ordination. ere are six working groups known as SA WG1 to SA . 3GPP TSG meetings. Currently, ere have been four plenary meetings, TSG SA, TSG RAN, TSG CT, and TSG GERAN. *2 Rapporteur: e role of editing specifica-tions, managing work progress and reporting at WG meetings on individual WI and specifi-cations.. Introduction At e 3GPP Technical Specifica-tion Group (TSG) 43 plenary. TSG SA WG2 Specifications Important Note: is page has been automatically generated from e 3GPP Specifications database after SA plenary meeting 12. It will be updated after each SA plenary. For e latest specification status information please go to e 3GPP Specifications database here . 3GPP 1 3GPP TSG RA WG1 Meeting 86 R1-167593 Go enburg, Sweden, ust 22-26, Source: Cohere Technologies Title: Performance evaluation of OTFS waveform in single user scenarios Agenda item: Document for: Discussion. Introduction Several candidate waveforms for NR have been presented and discussed at e past two RAN1 meetings. 16,  · e SA TSG is responsible for e overall architecture and service capabilities of 3GPP based systems. e SA Plenary meeting included approximately 160 delegates. e SA Plenary limited e scope of its e-meeting to focus on Release 16, as well as any discussions regarding e scope of existing work items or new work items. 3. Date of Next TSG-SA WG2 Meetings: TSG- SA WG2 Meeting 50 16 - 20 uary 2006 Budapest, Hungary. TSG- SA WG2 Meeting 51 13 - 17 February 2006 Denver, Colorado, USA. uary 2006 doc.: IEEE 802.11-06/0061r0. Liaison page 2 3GPP SA2. Notice: is document has been prepared to assist IEEE 802.11. TSG-S Meeting Sum y - y -13, 2000 3GPP2-S00-20000822-002 Page 3 • Correspondence from 3GPP TSG-SA WG5 regarding e establishment of a cooperative relationship between 3GPP2 TSG-S WG2 and 3GPP TSG-SA WG5 (S00-200007 -013) was presented. is contribution was remanded to WG2 as FYI. TSG-S Meeting Sum y - 9-12 ember 2002 3GPP2-S00-20030113-002R1 of liaisons wi OMA and its source organizations (i.e., WAP Forum). • Need to clarify relationships wi ETSI and 3GPP PCG. • Change TSG-SA WG5 (Security) to TSG-SA WG3 (Security) . is contribution was remanded to WG2 for review and action as. 02,  · ACTION: TSG SA WG2 respectfully asks IETF ECRIT to take e above information into account. 3. Date of Next TSG-SA WG2 Meetings: TSG-SA WG2 Meeting 113 25-29 uary, St. Kitts TSG-SA WG2 Meeting 114 11-15 April, Sophia Antipolis, FR. 27,  · TSG Plenary Status TSG Topic SA RAN 3GPP Project Name Study Item Work Item Study Item Work Item Indoor Positioning Enhancement / ELIOT 67 64 Licensed-Assisted Access using LTE 65 68 Single-Cell Point To Multipoint (SC-PTM) transmission 66 68 LTE support for V2X service / LTE-based V2X Services 67 69 68 Extended Proximity-based Services. Apr 22, 2008 · Detailed explanations of e above categories can be found in 3GPP TR 21.900. Use one of e following releases: R99 (Release 1999) Rel-4 (Release 4) Rel-5 (Release 5) Rel-6 (Release 6) Rel-7 (Release 7) Rel-8 (Release 8) Rel-9 (Release 9) Reason for change. 2. Actions: To IETF Ecrit group. ACTION: 3GPP SA2 requests IETF Ecrit to take e above comments and recommendation into account when finalizing e phoneBCP draft. 3. Date of Next TSG-SA WG2 Meetings: TSG-SA2 Meeting 76 16 – 20 ember 2009 San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico TSG-SA2 Meeting 77 18 – 22nd uary 20 China. 3GPP TSG SA WG2 Meeting 74 S2-094882 06 – y, 2009, Sophia Antipolis, France Title: Interim Comments on IETF PhoneBCP Draft Source: 3GPP TSG SA WG2 To: Hannes Tschofenig ([email protected]), Chairman IETF Ecrit c Linsner ([email protected]), Chairman IETF Ecrit Cullen Jennings ([email protected]), IETF Real-time. Liaison from 3GPP SA2 to IEEE 802.11 Date: 2008-05-12. Au or(s): Name Company Address Phone email Adrian Buckley 3GPP SA2 [email protected] 3GPP TSG SA WG2 Architecture, SA265 S2-084040. 12–16 2008, Prague, Czech Republic Title: Reply LS on request for recommendations (on IEEE 802.11u approach) Response. Report of SA WG2 ad-hoc meeting 57 Version 1.0.0. 3GPP. SA WG2. TD S2-071650 LS (from TSG GERAN) on feasibility of GAN enhancements. is was introduced by Nokia Siemens Networks. SA WG1 has asked TSG GERAN to work on GAN enhancements (S1-061408). As a result TSG GERAN approved a work item (GP-062276) at GERAN32 meeting in order to conduct. Change Request 23.237 CR 0407: 3GPP TSG-SA WG2 Meeting 88, S2-115399, 3rd Generation Partnership Project, Introduction of SRVCC from CS to PS (Release 11) . 14-18, San Francisco, USA (29 pages). Standardisation plays an important role in ICT, and e Service Architecture Lab is actively contributing and providing expertise to IETF/IRTF, ITU-T, oneM2M and 3GPP On e Internet of ings in oneM2M IETF, IRTF and ITU-T: On Service architecture for future Internet in ITU-T and 3GPP: IETF Rebecca Copeland, Kevin Corre, Ingo Friese, Saad El Jaouhari. 09,  · SA WG2 Architecture SA WG3 Security SA WG4 Co & Media SA WG5 Telecom Management SA WG6 Mission-Critical Applications TSG CT SA1 Meeting ust 19-23, Sophia Antipolis, France 3GPP TSG84 13 Rel-17 Work Items Overview (SA). Fur ermore, numerous 3GPP specifications refer and employ TCP, UDP and o er IP-based protocols. erefore, TSG SA requests IETF to kindly keep TSG SA informed of any changes to ECN functionality (e.g. per IETF RFC 3168, RFC 6679 etc), along wi changes to various IP-based protocols such as TCP as a result of e ECN work of IETF tsvwg. 2. 3GPP TSG SA Meeting 57, TDoc S2-072255, GPRS functionality for IMS emergency services support, submitted by 3GPP TSG SA WG2 Meeting 61, TDoc S2-075847, Principle of differentiating Initial Attach and Handover Attach to EPS via LTE or non-3GPP IP Access, submitted by Nokia. e implementation of Local IP Access (LIPA), Extended LIPA (ELIPA), and Selected IP Traffic Offload (SIPTO) for e design of a Converged Gateway (CGW) are disclosed. e gateway system provi. 3GPP TSG SA has also tasked 3GPP TSG SA WG1 to work on e requirements from e 3GPP side. In addition, 3GPP TSG SA WG2 is responsible for e system architecture evolution. A sum y of ongoing LTE and SAE activities in 3GPP is enclosed for information. 3GPP TSG SA would be grateful if WiMAX Forum and IEEE 802.16 could consider e. 3GPP CT1 3GPP 3GPP TSG-CT WG1 Meeting 59 C1-093159. Los Angeles (USA), 22-26 e 2009. Title: WLAN related information in ANDSF MO and ANID for WLAN access. Response to: C1-092292/ IEEE 802.11-09/0645r0 on Liaison response to 3GPP CT1 C1-085530. Release: Release 8. Work Item: Source: 3GPP TSG CT WG1. To: IEEE P 802.11, 3GPP TSG SA WG2. ii d. e motorola submission (nsn779- 09) ..40 x. invalidity of claims 1, 4 and 9-11 of e ’779 patent.40a. count 1: claims 1, 4, and 9-11 are unpatentable under 35 u.s.c. § 3(a) over e ’779 apa in light of soderbacka..41 b. count 2: claims 1, 4, and 9-11 are unpatentable under 35 u.s.c. § 3(a) over e ’779 apa in light of e nokia. 2. Actions: To IETF Ecrit WG group. ACTION: TSG SA WG2 respectfully asks IETF ECRIT to take e above information into account. 3. Date of Next TSG-SA WG2 Meetings: TSG-SA WG2 Meeting 113 25-29 uary, St. Kitts TSG-SA WG2 Meeting 114 11-15 April, Sophia Antipolis, FR.

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